Genshin Impact 1.5 Probably Won’t Make Dendro Playable

We’ll Have to Wait a While Before We Can Get Our Hands on Baizhu

Genshin Impact continues to be a titan among gacha games, and the upcoming addition of the new Dendro element to the game has fans very hyped. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wait a while longer, because reliable leaker Genshin leaks has tweeted that update 1.5 will probably not make Dendro characters playable. That’s a real shame, especially since at least one Dendro character, Baizhu, has already been implemented as an NPC. You can find him in Liyue with his talking pet snake, where he proves somewhat helpful during the cocogoat quest.

Genshin Impact Baizhu

Update 1.4 hasn’t even landed yet, but miHoYo has already started hosting beta sign-ups for the 1.5 update, which rumors say will finally bring the Chasm region to the map alongside some new characters. Hopefully, these new characters will be Dendro, because right now there are zero Dendro element characters playable in the game, which isn’t great. Of course, we can’t say anything for certain at this point–Update 1.5 is still at least a month away, and a lot of things could change before it finally rolls out. However, for the moment, data miners have confirmed that Dendro characters have yet to be added to the game, so we’ll probably have to sit tight and wait. Only six elements for us.

On the upside, Update 1.4–which will be arriving after the Moment of Bloom banner ends–will definitely be adding a new playable character in Rosaria, an in-game dating sim that lets you hang out with Barbara, Noelle, Bennet, and Chongyun. Personally, we’re still waiting for the option to hang out with Zhongli and Childe, but this is a good start.

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