Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Coming to Defend the West

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Earth Defense Force AKA EDF AKA game with lasers, giant ants, and spiders is a cult-series of a generation. I don’t know which generation, but as long as they keep buying them, D3 Publisher will keep making them. The latest giant bug squashing venture took a step that would have been bold pre-2010, before the release of Minecraft. Earth Defense Force: World Brothers came out last year in Japan and has changed the visual style of the series into a blocky, voxel game. This year, EDF: World Brothers will be coming to North America.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers

Because World Brothers is a voxel game, it is not part of the main-series EDF games, so developer Yuke’s really went wild with it. The game is set on Voxel Earth, which is literally a cube-planet. It is very much like the traditional EDF games, with hundreds of different characters and weapons to use against invading robots and bug armies. Overwhelming numbers of blocky enemies and explosions will be filling the screen as you repel hostile forces and save Voxel Earth.

The look of EDF: World Brothers is certainly a departure from what fans are used to, but we have yet to see if it is a look they like. Earth Defense Force 6 is expected to come out later this year, but maybe World Brothers 2 could be in the future as well. Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will be coming out on May 27th for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

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