Terraria is Finally Available on Google Stadia

The World is Your Canvas Once More

Well, it’s been quite the journey, but Terraria has finally come to Google Stadia. This is more surprising than you might think. After a series of unfortunate events led developer Andrew Spinks, one of Re-Logic’s co-founders, to be locked out of his Google account for weeks, the Stadia port was canceled back in early February. By the end of the month, Google had reached out to him, the problem was apparently fixed, and the port was back on. We’re happy to see that things worked out in the end (and impressed by Google’s emotional resilience, because some unkind words were exchanged on Twitter), especially since the Stadia launch trailer is amazing. Observe.

Between the bright colors, the lush pixel graphics, and the absolutely gorgeous level design, this is one sandbox adventure that just keeps getting better. After almost a decade, this sprawling indie game is still receiving updates. No wonder it’s still as addicting as ever. With over 5000 items to find and craft, more than 400 enemies to fight, and room for up to 8 players, Terraria transcends console generations and puts the competition to shame.

Recent updates include:

  • Master and Journey modes to challenge limits or tailor the gameplay experience
  • Quality of Life features (Block Swap, Void Vault, Boss Health Bars, Customizable UI, and more).
  • Atmospheric and weather effects play a greater role than ever
  • The Terraria Bestiary to track enemies, allies, and critters encountered
  • New foes, including brand new bosses and events
  • Additional biomes and mini-biomes to explore, both above and underground
  • Graphic overhauls and more than 20 new music tracks


Terraria is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and mobile devices.

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