Harvest Moon: One World Has a Gorgeous Launch Trailer

Finally, a Farming Sim That Lets You Raise Camels, Tigers, and Bears

Harvest Moon is a big name among farming sims. Before the meteoric rise of Stardew Valley, we might even have called it the biggest. So naturally, we’re pretty excited about the launch of the franchise’s most recent title, Harvest Moon: One World, which–you guessed it–lets players raise and care for new kinds of exotic animals. And that’s not even half the cool stuff the game has going for it. One World also features five new bachelors and bachelorettes, five different lands you can explore and set up your farm in, and a ton of hidden Harvest Sprites that will hand out new seeds when found. Combined with adorable cel-shaded graphics and some happy, peaceful tunes, and you have the farming sim of your dreams. Still no option to move in with a shadow monster, sadly. Stardew Valley still wins in that area.

In this game, the Harvest Goddess has disappeared, taking with her all the crops in the world. Fortunately, she left her powers in the form of many Harvest Sprites scattered throughout the game. To bring back the crops, you must find as many sprites as you can while designing your farm, making friends, and taking care of your animals. In real life, you probably shouldn’t try and keep tigers or bears on a farm, but video games are a great opportunity for wish fulfillment. Now all we need is the ability to raise foxes and snow leopards. How about it, Natsume?

There are also a ton of awesome DLC packs waiting for you. The press release states that the “Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack and the Season Pass are available today. Far East Adventure Pack, Precious Pets Pack, and Mythical Wild Animals Pack will be launching later this Spring.”

Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass

Harvest Moon: One World is now available on Nintendo Switch and PS4, and will be available on Xbox One on a later date.

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