Natsume Details Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass Content

One World, One Pass, Four Packs

It is a little concerning when a game hasn’t come out, but the developer already has additional content detailed and ready for sale. Like, if it’s ready, just put it in the game, right? On very related note, details of the Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass have come out. This farming sim will be released on March 2nd, which is also the date that the first pack in the Season Pass will be released. Is this the spitting image of a money grab? Yes, but let’s get into it.

Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass

Players will be able to purchase the Season Pass on day one, which comes with four packs to be released over the course of the following few months. On March 2nd, the Interior Design and Tool Upgrade Pack will come out. Upgrading gardening tools like your hoe, watering can, and axe are part of progressing your farm, but this pack will allow you to upgrade your tools one step further than the base game lets you. This pack also comes with five interior design themes: Farm, Castle, Steampunk, Spaceship, and Starlight. On March 23rd, the Far East Adventure Pack comes out. This pack unlocks an entirely new island, which has new characters, crops, animals, and marriage candidates.

On April 13th, the Precious Pets Pack will launch. This will introduce 12 unique animals companions for your character. These vary from housecats to horses. The last pack of the Season Pass is the Mythical Wild Animals Pack, which will release on May 4th. This pack puts a fantastical element into the wild. There will be 10 wild animals with special traits in the game such as the Chocolate Mint Tiger and Lava Rabbit. Each pack will individually cost $2.99, but getting the Season Pass will them all for $12.99. Harvest Moon: One World will release on March 2nd for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and then on Xbox One at a later date. You can also check out the Limited and Premium Editions of the game, neither of which come with the Season Pass.

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