Dead by Daylight Is Hoping for an All-Kill With Its Newest Chapter

Everyone Scream Louder

The newest chapter of the hit Asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight dropped today, and the weirdest crossover in the game’s history is off to a decent start.

The new chapter, All-Kill, is a collaboration with former U-Kiss member Kevil Woo and BTS producer DJ Swivel, and introduces two new characters inspired by the world of K-Pop.

The new killer, The Trickster, is a K-Pop star who developed a taste for murder after the deaths of his group, incorporating the screams of his victims into his music. His unique skill, Showstopper, sees him throwing an array of knives at the unlucky survivor in his sights. His perks, Hex: Crowd Control, No Way Out, and Starstruck hinder survivor movements by blocking escape routes, or let him quickly down would-be heroes.

The new survivor, Yun-Jin Lee, is an opportunistic record producer who ignored her own suspicions about her client due to the possible harm it would cause her career. This opportunistic streak showcases itself in her perks, Smash Hit, Self-Preservation, and Fast Track, which give her bonuses to stealth, movement speed, or repairs, but each of which is triggered by misfortune befalling someone else in the trial – whether that’s a survivor getting attacked or stunning the killer with a pallet.

Unfortunately, there’s no new map this time around – which is a shame, because the lobbies have seen a neon-tinged make-over, and the modern, stylish streets of Seoul would make a unique hunting ground – but Behaviour are continuing with their Realm Beyond updates, giving older maps a fresh lick of paint. Hopefully, we’ll see a Seoul-inspired map in the future.

In the meantime, be sure to redeem the codes bilibili200k and TWITTERLORGE as soon as possible for an easy 300,000 bloodpoints, perfect to get to grips with the new characters.

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