Play Silent Hill in Fallout 4 With the Whispering Hills Mod

Welcome to Hell

Fallout 4 has many mods, ranging from attempts to recreate Fallout 3 and New Vegas to adding entirely new areas, so we’re not surprised to see someone putting together a new mod. We are, however, surprised to see that this mod is determined to bring a different kind of horror to the blasted, irradiated wasteland. Fed up with waiting for a new Silent Hill game, Team Whisper is in the process of a large-scale mod that promises to turn Fallout 4 into one, complete with questline and voice acting. Episode 1 is already available for download here. Step into the abandoned, fog-choked town of Whispering Hills. Wander through the lovingly recreated halls of Midwich Elementary School, stroll through overgrown playgrounds, and try not to panic when the environment is inevitably consumed by blood, rust, and decay. What’s a Silent Hill experience without the deadly and terrifying Otherworld sweeping over you at inopportune moments, after all?

In Episode 1, players will be able to explore a city inspired by the real-life ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, which was abandoned after a coal mine underneath the city caught fire. Centralia was previously used as aesthetic inspiration for the first Silent Hill film, but Team Whisper isn’t just channeling the franchise’s visuals in this mod. The mod team is also working to recreate iconic spooky sound effects, add distorted music tracks, and bring in some of our favorite Silent Hill monsters. A bubble-headed nurse can be seen twitching erratically in the trailer, looking absolutely stunning–and by that, we mean horrific–and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The next episodes will bring even more classic locations from the Silent Hill series, alongside some truly chilling monsters.

What other foes can you look forward to facing? So far, we’ve got mutant dogs, Mumblers, Twin-Head Screamers, and even Trevor Henderson’s notorious Sirenhead to look forward to. You can even kill most of them, including the titanic Sirenhead, though you may regret doing so. And of course the iconic Pyramid Head will appear! Silent Hill just isn’t Silent Hill without him.

Fallout 4 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, the Whispering Hills mod is only available on PC.

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