Ambitious Fallout 4 Mod Recreates New Vegas

Ain’t That a Kick In the Head?

A new mod is being made for Fallout 4 that is trying to successfully recreate Fallout New Vegas. The mod allows players to revisit the old entry into the series except with much better graphics. The mod is called Fallout 4 New Vegas and they have been working on this ambitious project for some time now. The mod still has a way to go, but what they have shown off so far is very impressive.

Fallout New Vegas is largely considered the best of the Fallout series. It has the most engaging and believable world to date and has factions that present difficult moral dilemmas that the player has to face towards the end of the game. The only thing that holds New Vegas back is its graphics. While they have aged horribly, they were still considered out of date when it released in 2010. Thankfully this is what the crew who are working on Fallout 4 New Vegas are hoping to fix.

This is just going to be a remaster of the original game. There is no word on whether or not they are going to touch the DLC that was added to New Vegas. A shame considering it offered some of the best expansions as well. There are other remaster mods that are out for New Vegas if you cannot wait any longer. There is a mod that is supposed to act as a prequel to New Vegas called the Californian.

Despite being 10 years old Fallout New Vegas is a timeless classic. If you have never had the chance to play it, make sure you pick it up on Steam when you get the chance. It really is the pinnacle of the franchise. Hopefully, we’ll see Fallout rebound to its former self in the future.