Valheim Sold 2 Million Copies in 2 Weeks

Valheim is off  to a Successful Start

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio have officially confirmed that their early access Viking survival game, Valheim, has already sold 2 million units. The new title only entered early access on February 2nd and despite some bugs and glitches, it continues to quickly gain traction. In addition to the tremendous sales success, developers behind Valheim have also confirmed that the Steam concurrent player record so far is over 360,000 players. Valheim is in early access right now exclusively on PC.


“We didn’t really anticipate that. Our goal was pretty much to cover our development cost so we could continue to exist as a studio and continue working on Valheim. I guess our future is safe for a while now,” said Iron Gate Studio CEO Richard Svensson. “Valheim has not been rushed, it’s a product of more than three years of iterative development with features added, and tested on a core team of early adopters. Also as a designer I don’t like to follow popular conventions but try to go my own way, this seems to have worked out.”

“The gods have truly favored Valheim. We’ve been refreshing the sales report to get the latest numbers, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down,” said Coffee Stain Publishing Executive Producer Sebastian Badylak. “We sold 275,000 units on Saturday, our highest number yet, and with the team hard at work actioning the Early Access roadmap, there’s so much more to come that will hopefully keep all these players engaged, and bring new Vikings onboard.”

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