Stellaris: Nemesis Allows Players to Save or Destroy the Galaxy

You Can Be Their Galactic Custodian or Their Menace. Pick One.

We’ve talked about Stellaris, a 4X RTS game developed by Paradox Interactive, before–mostly to give it and its expansions solid review scores–but we’re glad to be discussing it again. It’s always nice to find something you enjoyed once back in your news feed with a new update, and the Nemesis Expansion looks pretty great so far. We’ve got a stunning cinematic trailer, an intriguing but enigmatic press release, and some Among Us vibes in the focus on lying to your friends and exploiting the game’s social aspects. Sounds awesome. Let’s dive right in.

The press release claims that Nemesis will “grant fans the most powerful tools and mechanics ever introduced to Stellaris, invigorating playthroughs for both new galactic travelers and long time strategy gamers.” It goes on to state that: “Players will also be encouraged to use lies and deceit in order to gather intel on opponents and turn allies against each other. All new gameplay mechanics will prove that sometimes, wars are won quietly, behind enemy lines.”

Yeah, we’re definitely getting Among Us vibes there. The official YouTube video description is only hammering the point in further. “Adding espionage tools, a path to power as the Galactic Custodian to combat endgame crises – or the Menace option to BECOME the endgame crisis – Nemesis gives you the most powerful tools ever available in Stellaris,” claims the video description. “Ultimately you will have to make the choice between chaos or control, to take charge of a galaxy spiraling into crisis. Will you find a way to take power through diplomacy or subterfuge, or will you watch the stars go out one by one?”

Good question, Stellaris. People do love to play the villain.

Stellaris: Console Edition

Stellaris: Nemesis will be available on PC and consoles in the future and can be wishlisted on Steam.

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