This Custom Pichu Figure May Be the Most Accurate Pokemon Statue Ever

Clay Yoshirin’s Pichu Can Charge Your Phone and We Want One

The world of Pokemon is huge and full of wondrous creatures with strange abilities, which makes for a fantastic gaming (and viewing!) experience, but a frustrating time trying to bring those critters to life. We’ve seen die-cast PokeBalls that really light up and make noises and a Gengar plush with a mouth you can stick your head in, but this is something else entirely. It’s not every day you see a Pichu figurine which can actually discharge electricity! This baby Pokemon, which evolves into the legendary Pikachu, is supposed to store electricity in its cheek pouches. Clay artist Clay Yoshirin took that into account when sculpting and came up with an adorable Pichu sculpture that doubles as a phone charger.

There’s a MagSafe phone charger embedded in Pichu’s right cheek, allowing the Pokemon to charge a phone by cradling the device against its face. Between the squished cheek and the positioning of its arms, this makes Pichu look like it’s taking a call, which is so cute we could just scream. Better yet, this Pichu is perfectly sized for hugging, so you can cradle it in your arms if you just can’t bring yourself to part from it (or your phone, for that matter).

So cute! So functional! So accurate! We’re loving everything about this. There’s only one downside: as Clay Yoshirin seems to be a hobby artist, you probably can’t buy your very own Pichu phone charger. But he did upload the entire creation process to YouTube, so if you’re the artsy type–or just a very determined Pokemon fan–there’s no reason you can’t follow the steps yourself and build your own adorable phone-charging companion. It’d definitely give you something to do during the pandemic.

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