New Details on It Takes Two – Friends Play Free!

Two Players, One Game

Hazelight Studios is coming out with It Takes Two very soon. It appears to be quite a unique game, as well. It is about two parents who are splitting up. Through the power of magic and love, their daughter transfers their souls into handmade dolls. Together they must overcome obstacles and repair their relationship. The game is played entirely in split-screen co-op, regardless of whether or not you and your friend are playing on the same console, kind of like A Way Out. The thing about this game is that every level is completely different and uses different mechanics to complete.

It Takes Two

Not only are the obstacles in It Takes Two full of metaphors and symbolism for May and Cody’s damaged relationship, but the obstacles from level to level have to be approached differently. For example, in the gameplay trailer narrated by Hazelight’s Josef Fares, in one level, Cody wields a gun that shoots combustible gel, while May shoots fireballs that detonates the gel. That mechanic does not appear in the next level, which might have to do with stopping and reversing time to navigate the puzzles in that area.

Since the game is all about teamwork, publisher EA will be implementing a Friend Pass purchase option for It Takes Two. This means that one person can buy the game and then invite another friend from the same family of consoles to play without having to also buy the game. PlayStations can play with PlayStations, Xboxs can play with Xboxs, and PCs can play with PCs. If you are interesting in It Takes Two, you only have to wait another month or so for the game. It Takes Two comes out on March 26th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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