Fortnite Added a New Dance Emote Just Ahead of Valentine’s Day

How Many Dance Emotes Have They Taken From TikTok Now?

Whether or not you’re familiar with Fortnite, you’re definitely familiar with the phrase ‘Fortnite dance.’ This little dance sensation has been sweeping the nation, or at least the internet feeds of many, many teenagers. The default dance is actually a reference to the show Scrubs, but there have been many dances added to the game since, including the floss, jazz hands, dabbing, and disco. And now, the Wanna See Me Emote brings some smooth moves straight from TikTok for just 500 V-bucks. This is far from the first dance Fortnite has taken from a TikTok video, but it sure is fun to watch.

One of the secrets to Fortnite‘s popularity is that it keeps itself up to date, always adding new events, new skins, and new emotes–including new dances. Whether it’s the return of original villain Midas, bringing back the Gangnam Style dance, or even a GI Joe crossoverFortnite does it all and does it fast. You’ll never run out of stuff to do, even outside the core Battle Royale gameplay. Dualshocker reports that “Wanna See Me emote, the newest dance in Fortnite, is bold prove to this. The dance is completely inspired by a TikTok video that gone viral back in August 2020, thanks to SadaBaby for music and OhBvck for dance moves.”

Chapter 2 of Fortnite may be ending soon, so this seems like a good way to send it off. On a related note, Fortnite has also been sued for taking dances without permission, though it seems like all charges have been dropped for the moment. We’ll keep you updated on any further Fortnite dance-related controversy as it arises.

Fortnite Emote Gangnam Style

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