T-Pain Spells Out What it Means to Be a Big Streamer

T-Pain Compares His Twitch Success to TimTheTatman

During a recent Twitch stream, famous rapper T-Pain spelled out what it means to be a full-time Twitch streamer and he doesn’t belong to that category. While some viewers accused T-Pain of being well-known, the rapper was quick to point out that he’s a small streamer compared to names like TimTheTatman and xQc. Some of the titles T-Pain plays on stream include Call of Duty Warzone, Rust, and Tetris 99.

“xQc just did 90,000 on a Just Chatting and I’m not a small streamer? I’m with you mother f***er! I’m trying to help all of us!” said T-Pain during a recent stream where he went off on his chat. “I’m trying to help every part of this bracket, b***h! We’re not in that bracket. Mizkif ain’t been on the stream in f***ing ten days and you bi***es are going in there with a constant 8,000 views sitting there playing Pokemon without him even being there!”

“What the f… what the f***! And you’re telling me I’m not a small streamer? I’m with you mother f***er! I’m trying to do this s**t for us! What are you talking about?” continued T-Pain during his expletive-laden Twitch tyrade. TimTheTatman stream at mother f***ing 7 a.m. in the god damn morning! TimTheTatman streams before any of us wake up and he still gets 38,000 people in the first thirty minutes. Who’s the small streamer here?”

T-Pain did an excellent job in his rant in illustrating that just because someone is a huge star in one field doesn’t make them an instant success in everything they do and just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean everything they do receives support. Who are some part-time or smaller streamers that you think deserve some more credit? Let us know in the comments below!