Ninja Re-Signs Deal With Twitch After Mixer Falls Through

Well, Well, Well…

Last year, when Ninja made his big move from Twitch to Mixer, he left a popularity vacuum on the streaming platform. He also inspired, or at least helped solidify, decisions for other high-profile streamers to leave Twitch as well. Of course, since then, Microsoft has announced that Mixer would be shutting down. The plan was for Mixer to be assimilated by Facebook Gaming with any streamers with contracts with Mixer able to transfer over to Facebook Gaming or leave their contract. Since Facebook Gaming is Facebook Gaming, many of the streamers looked elsewhere for a new home. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has officially settled back at Twitch.

Ninja Twitch

Just over a year ago, Ninja released a video announcing his move to Mixer. It had him holding a press conference and answering questions from himself in various costumes. It was fun and goofy announcement at the time, but his return to Twitch announcement is a lot less fun. Instead of comedy and drag for the sake of comedy, we just get a quarter-chair spin and a Twitch logo. He’s not even wearing his headband. Maybe it’s a look-who-came-crawling-back thing or maybe he didn’t have it in his budget for a second moving announcement.

The video shared on Twitter says, “A new chapter begins, only on @Twitch”. I guess “An older chapter resumes” doesn’t quite sound as triumphant and hopeful. Anyway, Ninja is back home at Twitch.

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