Ninja Leaves Twitch for Mixer in Press Conference Sketch

Biggest Plot Twist of 2019

In a stunning turn of events, Twitch’s highest subscribed streamer is no longer going to stream on Twitch. That’s right, Fortnite ultra-legend Ninja leaves Twitch for… Mixer? That’s an interesting choice, but one that is probably good for the streaming community as a whole. Right now, Twitch leads the pack of streaming platforms. YouTube Gaming and Mixer are there somewhere, but no one can touch Twitch. Having the number one subscribed streamer switching platforms will no doubt A) create a viewer vacuum on Twitch and B) elevate Mixer’s stream game.

Ninja Leaves Twitch

The announcement comes in a press conference. At first I thought it was a real press conference and promptly ignored it, but then realized it is a sketch by Ninja, and it is pretty good. The implicit function of this video is to be a FAQ. Ninja walks out on stage, tests the mic, and begins taking questions from reporters, who are really just Ninja in bald caps, wigs, makeup, drag, and prosthetics. They ask him how it will affect his content, his hair, and K/D ratio, and it really won’t. “It’s the same me, just a different platform.”

How will the ripples of this move affect the streaming community as a whole? Well, other than the viewer vacuum mentioned above, it may cause more streamers to shift to Mixer. If Ninja moves, so will a lot of his hardcore audience, which grows Mixer’s audience, which other streamers may try to capitalize on. It will also make Mixer a bigger challenge to Twitch than before. As many of us know, Twitch is not perfect, but this might light a fire under them to improve their platform to stay on top.

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Source: YouTube