Borderlands 3 Character Trailers Hit This Week

Meet the New Vault Hunters

Gearbox is *ahem* gearing up for their next big release next month, which has already gone gold. The recent videos released have explored some gameplay, the plot, new planets, and some of the new toys, but now we are getting a look at who we will be playing as. Yesterday we were introduced to Zane. Today we were given Moze’s backstory. It appears to be a trend that we will be seeing more Borderlands 3 character trailers. With trailers for Zane and Moze, that leaves FL4K and Amara, likely to be seen tomorrow and the next day or Monday.

Borderlands 3 Character Trailers

Zane Flynt, younger brother of one of the first Borderlands 2 bosses Captain Flynt and Borderlands boss Baron Flynt, is a gun for hire and has an Irish accent for some reason. In the trailer “Friends Like Zane”, he is in a bar drinking and talking with his Digi-Clone. He talks of his previous jobs, which are all euphemisms for murder and combat. In Moze’s trailer “The BFFs” she tells of how Vladof betrayed her and her squad. Being the only surviving member of her squad, she roams around with her Iron Bear mech, who watches her back.

We have not really heard FL4K’s voice yet, so it will be interesting to hear what his story is. We know a little bit about Amara already. She is a Siren and tends to be a brawler with her ethereal Siren fists. Two trailers out and two to be seen. Borderlands 3 will be out on September 13th, on PC from the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Source: YouTube