Twitch Further Isolates its Art Community With New Update

Art Creators Left Frustrated, Feeling Unheard by the Streaming Platform

Twitch has been receiving a lot of flack over some changes they have made recently, and it seems they are just digging themselves further in a hole. Recent actions from Twitch regarding the use of copyrighted music has left creators frustrated and paranoid. While it’s understandable that the use of copyrighted music during a stream may be something that Twitch legally has to crackdown on, streamers on the platform were left frustrated and unsure on how to properly react by the recent flood of DMCA notices being sent out for past broadcasts. Many made the painful decision to remove all of their past VODs, some of which had years of content on the platform. While it may be a legal issue that Twitch doesn’t have much control over, creators are mostly frustrated by the company’s communication regarding the issue.

Well, Twitch is doing even more now to isolate its creators and this time, it’s specifically neglecting the Art community. Twitch made an announcement yesterday that they will be rolling out a new experimental update to a small number of users. This new update will feature what they call “directories” in an attempt to make it easier for fans to find the content they enjoy. The directories include Games, Music, IRL, and eSports. Notice what’s missing?

There is no mention of an Art or Creative category, despite a prominent art community existing on the platform. When asked about a potential Art category, Twitch responded stating that the Art category will now be found within the IRL directory.

Many users felt frustrated by this decision, noting that Art deserves its own category just as much as Music, with some even going as far as saying its more deserving considering the recent DMCA notices plaguing the music community. Some larger streamers have expressed their concerns regarding the issue.

If you believe Twitch should add a separate directory for the Art community, fill out this feedback form, as the platform has noted that the update will evolve based on community feedback.