Incredibly Talented and Beautiful Martina Crafts Amazing Cosplay From Scratch

Martina’s Armor For Her Cosplay is Pretty Rad

Welcome back cosplay fans! Last week, we showcased some incredible cosplay from Plexi. She’s done cosplay from World of Warcraft, Darksiders, Raid Shadow Legends, and more. This week, we stumbled upon Martina and Hans’ YouTube channel. They publish various videos on how to make art, props, and all things fantasy. In their most recent video, Martina shows us how she makes armor from scratch and it’s pretty damn cool.

Martina Featured

Now before we get into it, if you’ve been following us over the past few years you know we love cosplay. Every week, do our best to keep our eye on the talent and showcase some of the best we’ve seen. Like when we posted some super killer Mortal Kombat cosplay in celebration of the release of Mortal Kombat 11. Not too long ago, we generated some buzz with cosplay from Katy Kat, who is a jaw-dropper. Of course, sexy body paint cosplay always gets everyone’s motor running but today we have something a little different for you. But we digress. You’re here for Martina and so are we.

Martina Cosplay

As you can see in the images, she made this armor from scratch, including the matching cloak and skirt.

Martina Cosplay

First, she had to make a template for her body. She used film and masking tape to start crafting the armor. Then used a marker (while still wearing it) to draw the armor design.

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