Bandai Namco Open to Making a New Pokkén Tournament Game

If Nintendo and the Pokémon Company Want Them To

Good and bad news for Pokkén Tournament fans. The bad news is that there is not a new  Tournament title in the works as of now, but the good news is that the idea is not off the table –at least, not for Bandai Namco, the developer behind the original Pokkén Tournament and its enhanced port, Pokkén Tournament DX.

When asked if he would ever consider making a remake to the Pokémon fighting game, Pokkén Tournament Producer Katsuhiro Harada responded stated they would still be interested in working on the series if given the chance –throwing the ball to Nintendo and the Pokémon Company as they ultimately get to decide whether or not the series sees any kind of new content.

“We have a good relationship with Nintendo and Pokemon Co., Ltd., and POKKÉN has had a great response, so I would like to make it again. But it’s not what we decide, it’s what they decide.”

As of now, Bandai isn’t working on another Pokkén Tournament title, but they are working on a different Pokémon spin-off, New Pokémon Snap which will be releasing on April 30.

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