The Gorgeous Katy Kat Is Making Our Waifu Dreams Come True with Her Sizzling Cosplay

Katy Kat Cosplay Feature 

After a long and exhausting week, we have finally made it to the weekend! And for us at COGConnected, we are thrilled to bring you another great steamy cosplay feature! This weekend we are featuring the ever so talented Katy Kat Cosplay from Singapore. Katy has a passion for many video games, anime, DC and Marvel characters and works hard to ensure her followers get an as accurate interpretation of their waifu as possible. Check out some of our favourite shots of this irresistible young woman.

Katy Kat Cosplay

Kicking it off with some good ol’ Mary Jane.

 Katy Kat Cosplay

Lust from Full Metal Alchemist

Katy Kat Cosplay

Sheryl Nome from the Gorgeous music video.


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