Epic Releasing Fortnite Action Figures Next Month

Inspired By G.I. Joe

A toy line is a great sign that your franchise is kicking major ass. Or at least it used to be. Nowadays, videos, memes and celebrity imitations are how you know you’ve made it. Still, Epic Games isĀ  partnering up with some veteran toy makers to release a line of Fortnite action figures next month.

Fortnite action figures

The figures are modeled after the old G.I. Joe toys from back in the day, both in their size and their level of detail. Donald Mustard shared a few photos and other details on his Twitter account. It looks like an admirable level of work is being put into each design. Although, how well will these resonate with the mysterious and ephemeral Youth?

The figures look rad, don’t get me wrong. But do kids give a flip about action figures anymore? I’m not editorializing here, I legitimately don’t know. Do kids still play with physical toys, or is it all phone games and amateur video production and dance battles? Whether they explode in popularity or what, the Fortnite line of action figures is coming to stores and digital shelves on December 1st. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be even bigger than the pins.