Epic Games Launcher GPU Issue Patched

Epic Games Store Cools Down With a Hotfix

Epic Games has officially improved the Epic Games Store in order to reduce GPU issues that gamers have been encountering with the launcher. Apparently, gamers were reporting an increase in idle GPU temperature when using the Epic Games Store but Epic Games has already resolved the issue thanks to the feedback. Hitman 3 is releasing as a timed Epic Games Store exclusive when it releases on January 20th, while Jurassic World Evolution is the latest freebie on offer.

Epic Games store

“We have identified the issue and currently testing the fix. You’ll see it in the patch notes once the launcher gets updated,” said an official statement from Epic Games. It wasn’t long before the Epic Games Store launcher was patched to resolve the idle GPU temperature issue that was alluded to with the statement. “The hotfix is live now (11.0.2). It’s not a full solution, but things should improve,” said Epic Games’ Sergiy Galyonkin. Considering the hotfix hasn’t fully fixed this issue Epic Games fans are encountering, the company has also troubleshot a few ways to fix any residual issues.

Fans of Epic Games who want a launcher that doesn’t increase their idle GPU temperature are recommended to check out more inclusive launchers such as the open-source game launcher known as Legendary. Other launchers can authenticate with Epic Games’ service which will allow gamers to enjoy the content they normally would from a platform that won’t drain their GPU or reduce performance. Epic Games is likely still hard at work to release a full hotfix for this issue, but for now, a small fix has been released.

Which platform or app do you find drains your computer or increases its temperature? Let us know in the comments below!