The Second Season of Rocket League Drops Next Week

Players Can Look Forward to More Content, New and Old

Rocket League went free-to-play back in September, opting for the Seasonal updates model over the one time purchase. Now, a few short months later and the second season is on its way.

Rocket League Hot Wheels DLC

Rocket League season 2 drops on December 9 and is focused on music, music, and music. The upcoming season includes a new Rocket Pass, a new Arena, a new customization option called Player Anthems, and of course, brand new music.

The Rocket Pass gives players access to a variety of potential rewards. Each time you level up while the Rocket Pass is active, you will move up a tier and be able to claim that tier’s reward. Tiers are also able to purchase immediately unlocked using keys. The featured car for this season’s Rocket Pass is the R3MX which can be immediately unlocked by purchasing the Rocket Pass Premium. The R3MX GXT can be unlocked at Tier 70.

Aside from the new R3MX, the Rocket Pass includes a variety of rewards such as decals, wheels and explosions.

The upcoming season will also bring a brand new arena, Neon Fields–very appropriate considering the music theme. Speaking of music, the season will include new music from Kaskade, such as the song “Flip Reset” which can be seen in the trailer right here.

Nintendo Switch players will be happy to know that the developer, Psyonix, confirmed in a reddit threat about the new update that the split screen option will be available again after mysteriously disappearing when the game went free to play in September.

You can read all about the upcoming season on the official Rocket League website.