Rocket League Teams Up With Grimes for Neon Nights Event

Rocket League Has Its First Music-Based Collab With Grimes in Neon Nights 

Rocket League is a currently popular vehicular soccer game. Developer Psyonix has just announced that there will be a Neon Nights event on January 26th. It will have the game’s first music-based collaboration since the franchise is teaming up with the artist Grimes for the event.

Get ready to replace your speakers,” Rocket League devs wrote on social media. “Neon Nights featuring Grimes is bringing the noise on January 26th.”

rocket league grimes neon nights event

The gaming community is not new to such collaborations. After all, it has worked very well for Fortnite through the years. Just like in Fortnite, Rocket League’s event will also have Event Challenges that will give players Grimes-inspired items. There will also be a limited time game mode, as well as Golden Moons.

Once Event Challenges have been completed, Rocket League players can begin to unlock special items. Examples of such items are Shinigami Eyes and Player of Games Player Anthems. The former item also happens to be a title to Grimes’ newest song. The song will also be available for the market when the event starts.

Other items that Rocket League fans can grab include a Grimes Decal, Uncanny Boost, Grimes Wheels, Multichrome Fireworks Universal Decal, Grimes Player Banner, and Grimes-themed Gravitator and Space Queen Toppers.

Once the Neon Nights event is underway, fans will see the return of the Heatseeker Ricochet Limited Time Mode. This will bring players some chaotic fun.

Those who take part in Neon Nights can also earn some Golden Moons. These are items that players can use to unlock classic Rocket League items that fans would recognize from the Overdrive, Nitro, and Impact series. Players will have to complete the Event Challenges up to five times so they can get one before they can open it in their inventory.

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