Have Your Say in the Game Awards “Players Voice”

Round 1 is Open for One More Day so Vote Fast


The following 10 titles have passed the first round of voting. You can now vote to limit these titles from 10, down to 5.

– Ghost of Tsushima
– Miles Morales
– DOOM Eternal
– Hades
– Animal Crossing
– FFVII Remake
– Demon’s Souls
– Among Us
– Ori Will of Wisps


The Game Awards are only a week away and we are getting excited. Fans still have a short window of time to have an impact on the outcome of the show. While voting for the winner of each specific award will remain open until December 9–the day before the show–time is running out on the opportunity to vote for Round 1 of the Players Voice award.

The Players Voice award is a special category voted on separately from the other awards. While Game of the Year is the most anticipated category of the night, the Players Voice award is essentially the consumer version of the Game of the Year award, think of it as the fan favorite.

The Players Voice award is chosen through three rounds of voting, and the first round ends tomorrow.

After Round 1 ends, the nominees will be narrowed down from 30 to 10. Round 2 will narrow it down further to 5 nominees, and finally, Round 3 will decide the winner. Executive Producer and Game Awards host, Geoff Keighley, tweeted a reminder to vote earlier today.

Keighley included in his tweet a screenshot of the top nominees for the category so far with Ghost of Tsushima in the #1 slot. The full breakdown of votes can be found on the Players Voice page on the Game Awards website–the same place where fans can place their votes for the category’s winner. Right now Demon’s Souls is holding onto that coveted 10th place slot and everything below that is in serious danger of not making it to round 2, so make sure to go and vote for your favorite–especially if it’s not currently breaking that top 10.

The Game Award nominees were recently announced last month. As we get closer to the show’s premiere, let us know who you think is going to win big at this year’s Game Awards in the comments here, on Twitter, or on Facebook.