Rumor: TBC Classic Servers Coming to WoW Soon

World of Warcraft Getting More Classic Servers

According to a recent rumor that originated on a WoW Classic fan forum that has gained lots of traction, Blizzard Entertainment will release The Burning Crusade Classic servers for World of Warcraft next year. The rumors suggest that TBC Classic servers will enter beta testing in mid-February, with an expected release on May 4th, Star Wars Day. World of Warcraft Classic servers are available through a standard subscription to World of Warcraft which recently received a new expansion called Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft Legion Screen

“I recently came into some information regarding the release timeline of Classic WoW TBC that I figured I would share,” said World of Warcraft streamer and YouTuber Staysafe. “I’ve seen this information posted on a Classic WoW fan forum in the last week or so. It has been DM’d to me as well on Discord and I ran a confirmation by who I would consider to be a very trusted source. I asked him about it and he confirmed it as well.” The leak specifically says TBC Classic beta will start mid-February, while the patch isn’t expected until April 13th/14th. These servers will apparently release globally on May 4th.

“Personally, I thought we’d be playing TBC (Classic) in June or July 2021, but I’m really happy to see that this is the timeline if this leak ends up being true,” continued Staysafe on a recent YouTube video. “This timeline means that there will be almost exactly five months between Classic WoW Naxxramas release date and classic TBC launch date… If you look at the Classic WoW hype versus the Shadowlands hype in Google Trends, it’s absolutely insane what hype and build-up can do for a game.”

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