Mega Mite’s Cosplay is Absolutely Adorable, Fierce & Amazing

Mega Mite Cosplay Feature 

Cosplay means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. What’s fun about this hobby is being able to see some of our favourite characters come to life or seeing how some artists can update or change some designs to make them even more unique. Cosplay isn’t easy either, whether it be having to learn to sew, craft props, learning your photography angles and poses not to mention the time and money that goes into each project. Because of all of the hard work, we want to take the time to feature amazing cosplayers whether they be newcomers to the scene or veterans. This weekend we are taking a peek at the talented Mega Mite. A cosplayer from Texas, she’s been cosplaying since around 2014 and has an impressive repertoire of characters under her belt. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite shots of hers!

Mega Mite

Cyan – Show By Rock

Mega Mite

Mega Mite was able to make the cat ears and tail look so plush and soft. So cute!

Mega Mite

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