The Next Dragon Age Will Be Unveiled at the Game Awards

Another Look at the Upcoming Return to Thedas

Bioware has been in a bit of a rough spot lately. Their games are no longer guaranteed successes, their veteran talent keeps leaving for other projects, and the former creative director of Dragon Age has gone to found a new studio. In the middle of all this uncertainty and controversy, the host of The Game Awards has made an announcement on Twitter: this year, the Awards will contain another sneak peek of the new Dragon Age game.

Nothing certain has been stated about the upcoming game, but maybe this is enough to get the hype machine rolling again. DA is one of Bioware’s most successful blockbuster RPGs, marketed as a ‘dark fantasy’ with mature themes (never mind that we can think of at least three JRPGs that get darker than DA off the top of our heads. They didn’t have pretty graphics and they didn’t let you date elves, so they don’t count). A new Dragon Age could be the push the company needs to get back on their game.

Dragon Age 4 has been in the works for quite a while. Last year, Bioware poked fun at this by jokingly leaking ‘screenshots’ that had been entirely redacted. This year, they promised the game was in early development, which is something. In 2019, EA went on the record saying that they expected Dragon Age 4 sometime in 2022. If this schedule still holds–and after this pandemic, it probably doesn’t–an early showcase in December 2020 would make sense.

Dragon Age Inquisition was a huge hit, so the new Dragon Age game has quite the legacy to uphold. We hope it lives up to its pedigree.

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