BioWare Trolls Fans With New Dragon Age 4 “Screenshots”

Cheeky Move From BioWare

For the past handful of months, rumors surrounding Dragon Age 4 have reached their apex. It was most recently rumored that we would be getting a look at the new Dragon Age this December. But so far, nothing has materialized. To make matters even worse BioWare is not exactly sympathetic towards the anxiety of their fans. Their developers have repeatedly teased and trolled fans who are all chomping at the bit to get a peek at the game.

A few weeks ago the developers of Dragon Age were senselessly Tweeting out the two words “Dragon Age” over and over again with zero context. Now the devs have been so kind as to share new “screenshots” of the Dragon Age 4. These screenshots are nothing more than a black backdrop with the words “redacted” everywhere. You can’t see anything. That’s the joke.

While this was a fun little prank to play on fans, people are still expecting to see something Dragon Age 4 related sooner or later. A lot of people are convinced that we will see something at The Game Awards 2019. Last year this is where we first saw a teaser for the game. The host of the award show did say that there is going to be a number of very big announcements at the event. A new Dragon Age game could be one of them.

The last game in the series, Dragon Age Inquisition was a massive hit. BioWare is going to have a lot to live up to. Not to mention that they will also have to redeem themselves from games like Mass Effect Andromeda. Hopefully, they are able to rekindle what made their past games great.