Meat Boy Slides His Way Into Indie Pogo

Indie Gaming’s Answer to Super Smash Bros. Just Got a Little Messier

What better way to celebrate Super Meat Boy‘s much-anticipated launch than by announcing that Meat Boy will also be appearing in a completely different title? Indie Pogo is the indie crossover fighter of your dreams, featuring the stars of such illustrious titles as Shovel KnightDivekick, Freedom Planet, and Enter the Gungeon. It’s a gorgeously animated 2D pixel fighter dedicated to aerial battles, with your goal being to either knock your opponents off the stage or reduce their health to zero. As if that weren’t enough of a gimmick, Indie Pogo takes a leaf out of Divekick‘s book and simplifies the control scheme down to one button and directional input. Just like its predecessor, it manages to make something incredibly simple into an incredibly good time!

It’s pretty obvious where the name Indie Pogo came from–in this game, everyone is constantly jumping (with the tentative exception of Velocispider, who needs to stay close to the ground to be viable), and it’s so much fun to watch them all bounce around swinging at each other. Needless to say, Meat Boy fits right into the mayhem. He’s a bit more durable in this installment, but still as small and squared-off as ever, and his movelist is full of sliding punches and buzzsaws. Most importantly, he’s got the most charming smile of any game character! Just look at that gap-toothed grin!

Meat Boy will be added as free DLC for anyone who has purchased Indie Pogo. If you haven’t already snagged this indie collab to end all indie collabs, we suggest you add it to your wishlist, because it will be coming to Nintendo Switch‘s eShop in 2021. This Switch edition will contain all previously released content, DLC included, in a single package. Speaking of DLC, there’s a lot more challengers coming down the pipeline, including Octodad and Gunvolt. We can’t wait to see them enter the bouncy, bouncy brawl!

The Meat Boy DLC will arrive in Indie Pogo in January 2021.

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