The Kraken Arrives in The Falconeer

The Falconeer Kraken Update Is Completely Free

One-man army and Greek god Tomas Sala has officially added The Kraken as a completely free update to The Falconeer. The Kraken isn’t just a horrifying aquatic beast, as the update includes new locations, missions, and some quality of life improvements in addition to some AI and combat improvements that were apparently implemented based on community feedback. The Falconeer is available right now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with The Kraken giving returning fans more content to explore.

The Falconeer screenshot of flying through a starry night.

The Falconeer is an indie title developed solely by Tomas Sala who was inspired by the Crimson Skies series but wanted to add his own unique touch on the formula. The Kraken is planned to be the first of several updates planned to continue on through 2021 ensuring The Falconeer fans will have plenty to play over the next year. The Kraken is available across all devices that The Falconeer is available on right now, so if you haven’t played the game recently, there are some free things to do scattered around the map.

While we enjoyed The Falconeer when it released, it had some quality of life improvements that we’ve been waiting for, and it looks like The Kraken brings some of those to the table. Tomas Sala has been listening to fan feedback to properly balance things, fix bugs, and improve the game in other ways. While it’s possible that we’ll see a Falconeer 2 one day, it looks like Sala is happily focusing on his passion project with The Falconeer continuing to evolve with The Kraken and many more future content updates.

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