Boba Fett is Getting His Own Series on Disney Plus

Will He Live Up to His Reputation?

Okay, sit yourself down, because I have the hottest take of all hottest takes which makes my sister – a die-hard Star Wars fan – boil with rage. (SIdenote: despite being listed on the UK Census as a Jedi, making me a part of the UK’s fourth-largest religious group – at least on paper – I’m fairly meh about Star Wars, which maybe makes what I’m about to say make sense).

Hot take: Boba Fett is overrated.

Sure, he looks cool, but what does he do? He stands around menacingly and then gets knocked into the Sarlacc pit. I don’t think he actually does anything of note in the entire film series. I’m sure that in a franchise where you can expect a Patrick Rothfuss-scale epic exploring the backstory of Yoda’s proctologist he probably has his badassery justified in some novel or other, but in the films? Do not get the hype.

Still, he has a big following, and within days of the sad passing of his original actor, Jeremy Bulloch, it’s been announced that he’ll get his very own series on Disney+.

The series – helmed by Sin City and Planet Terror’s Robert Rodriguez – is titled The Book of Boba Fett, and will likely explore the character in greater depth than we’ve seen in the films, and bring his legendary bounty hunter skills to the small screen in a way that exceeds what’s been seen previously. The thing about spin-offs and prequels is that they work better if they’re about mysterious characters. We don’t care about what Luke Skywalker was doing before he became a Jedi. We do care about a legendary bounty hunter traveling the galaxy, kicking ass, and taking names.


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