Behaviour Have a Big 2021 Planned For Dead by Daylight

But the Future is Still Foggy For Now

Despite the negative reception to Dead by Daylight’s newest chapter, Behaviour show no signs of slowing down.

First, the obvious stuff. Yes, the glitches brought in with the recent chapter are going to be fixed as soon as possible. The team are working hard to fix the various issues, ranging from the glaring to the simple. To thank players for their patience, any player who logs in today (December 2nd) will receive 300,000 free bloodpoints.

    • Big changes are coming to The Clown, often considered among the game’s weakest killers. His power currently involves throwing bottles of the afterpiece tonic – a concoction of his own devising which slows down survivors and affects their vision. Details on the rework are thin on the ground but in the above video – posted by top Dead by Daylight streamer The King – two different colours of fog are revealed from thrown bottles, indicating that they’ll have different effects.

  • Other killers getting reworks next year include The Demogorgon, The Wraith, The Nightmare, and The Huntress. The Demogorgon will receive changes involving numbers (perhaps a change to how many portals they can place, The Wraith will have his invisibility changed so that he’s truly invisible, unlike his current Predator-esque shimmer. The Huntress will receive a rework to her current add-on’s, which makes sense, as her Iridescent Head add on can allow her to take down a survivor from across the map in the right hands. The Nightmare is also getting a rework, but no details have been revealed as of yet.
  • Some perks are being looked into, with Decisive Strike and Hex: Undying being mentioned as possible candidates for reworks.
  • The Blight is getting his POV changed. The hunchbacked killer’s current view is notoriously low to the ground, making it difficult to find survivors, but staff are working on raising it.
  • Map RNG is going to be improved to ensure that pallet placement is more even, eliminating both deadzones and areas where good survivors are functionally invincible.
  • Keys and moris are both getting reworks.

dead by daylight 1280

That’s on top of the upcoming chapters, with all the new perks, killers, survivors, and maps that they’re bringing into the game, so it looks like BHVR are working hard to make the game run as smoothly as possible, and make up for any mistakes they’ve made.

Do you think Dead by Daylight has a bright future, or has the new chapter left you with too much bad blood? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Source: YouTube