Among Us Has Landed on Switch, and You Can Play the New Map Early

The Airship Can Be Accessed Through a Glitch in the Switch Version of the Game

Nintendo released the last Indie World Showcase of the last yesterday and it included many exciting announcements like Spelunky 2 and Cyber Shadow, both making their way to the Switch next year. However, there was an even more exciting announcement at the end of the show, one that you don’t have to wait any time for. Yes, Among Us has landed on the Nintendo Switch and is available to play right now!

The announcement was the last of the show and as soon as fans heard the iconic button noise, they knew what was coming. The game shadow dropped immediately following the release of the Indie World Showcase and can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop for $5 USD.

What’s even more exciting than playing Among Us on your Nintendo Switch? Playing the upcoming map, The Airship, early on your Nintendo Switch. Through a little glitch discovered in the Switch version of the game, players can set up a game on the new map.

A twitter user and YouTuber by the name of AleximoYT discovered the glitch in the game and posted it on their Twitter page, where it was confirmed to work by multiple players and media outlets.

Here is how you replicate the glitch to try and access The Airship on your own.

  1. Click on Local
  2. Create Game
  3. Select The Airship Map under the Game options
  4. Exit, and go to Online play
  5. Choose Host
  6. DO NOT select a map
  7. Make a room and have your friends join
  8. You need a minimum of four people
  9. Enjoy exploring the new map!

This is very likely a glitch that will be patched out soon so try and get a peek on the new map as quickly as possible because it could be gone any moment on. The map isn’t due out until early 2021 so it is pretty buggy right now as it is currently unfinished, so keep that in mind if you try to play a full game on it.