Surgeon Simulator Dev Looking for Fresh Start in 2021

Bossa Looking to Recover in 2021

Developers behind Surgeon Simulator 2, Bossa suffered several internal issues during 2020 as they shifted to work from home and crunched in the months leading up to the August release of the latest Surgeon Simulator. Amid the internal difficulties and facing layoffs, Bossa is looking for a fresh start in 2021 with fundamental changes. Surgeon Simulator 2 will continue to be updated and Bossa plans to heavily invest in it, but internally they’re shifting direction. Surgeon Simulator 2 is available right now for PC.

Surgeon Simulator 2

“The other thing about fundamental change is that not everyone agrees with it, and that’s alright,” said Boss in a recent statement. “The world would be a much more dull place if we all agreed on everything. A small number of people are unhappy with these changes and as unfortunate as that is, there’s little we can do other than be candid about our motives and support them as much as possible. They have the right to feel the way they do about these decisions if so they chose to, and criticize us for it. That’s just the way things work.”

“We’re still updating the game,” said Bossa co-founder Henrique Olifiers. “We have a team working on it, and we’re going to launch the game on three platforms in August next year. So we’re still heavily invested in the game, keeping it going. If the game didn’t perform as we expected, we would wrap it up and focus on something else. We are not big enough to support something that is not performing.”

“We’re not indie anymore. 85 people is considerable. We’ve always been involved with game production. All our game ideas come from a game jam, and every single person in the studio takes part in those game jams that generate those game ideas. So from day one, management is involved. I am a game designer, not a business guy. I have been a producer, a coder, a game designer, and so on. And so has everybody else in the team. So we are involved in the day-to-day. Of course, at times there are creative differences, and we solve that in the best possible way, as far as I can tell.”

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