Surgeon Simulator 2 Transplants to Epic Games Store Next Month

Experimental Practices

The follow-up to the mega-popular sensation Surgeon Simulator is nearing release. Surgeon Simulator 2 will be heading to the Epic Games Store next month and a new trailer really shows how much more game there will be in this one. The new game will have a Creation Mode, which is a little like Halo’s Forge and a little like Minecraft’s Creative Mode. Creation Mode will allow players to customize their operating room and, from the looks of things, the game-space at large. There appears to be an opportunity to create meta-game elements beyond surgery using this mode.

Surgeon Simulator 2

The Creation Mode trailer shows us how players will be able to make all the personalized touches they want to their operating room. They are able to place item for functionality and style alike. Tables can be placed with your favorite tools like bonesaws and hammers, as well as operating lights. You can also set up decorative items like jars, cabinets, and anatomically correct skeletons. There are even objects and that totally do not belong in any operating room. Trap doors, spring-loaded compartments, and 99 deployable luftballons. You can work on your masterpiece on your own or struggle to share the space with your friends.

Surgeon Simulator 2 does not want to limit players to just hospitals in Creation Mode. Buildable examples include over-sized floor pianos, bowling alleys, labyrinths, basketball courts, and classrooms, all of which players can share with the online community. If you pre-order the game, you will get access to the closed beta (August 7th-9th), as well as the Mad Scientist cosmetic set. Surgeon Simulator 2 comes out on the Epic Games Store on August 27th.

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