Roblox “Oof” Is Now Generating Royalties

Use of the “Oof” Will Cost Roblox Creators $1

The creator of Roblox’s infamous “Oof” death sound, Tommy Tallarico, has finally reached a settlement with Roblox Corporation but it will also cost Roblox Creators. The “Oof” was recently removed from Roblox and is returning later this month for Roblox Creators to purchase for 100 Robux or 1 dollar in order to use. While the “Oof” can be purchased separately, it is also part of a Roblox Sound Design Kit Tommy Tallarico has created. Roblox is available to try for free on Xbox One, Mac, PC, and Mobile right now.

In addition to reaching the settlement with Roblox Corporation recently, Tommy Tallarico has been working on a Roblox Sound Design Kit for creators to use when building their games which is available on the Roblox Developer Marketplace. In addition to the standard “Oof” everyone knows and loves, this Roblox Sound Design Kit will include 14 alternative “Oofs” or similar-sounding takes from the original recording session. Roblox Creators who are interested in this particular Sound Design Kit will have to shell out over $10 for it.

While Roblox Creators will have to pay to use the meme-worthy “Oof” death sound moving forward, the majority of the 150 million Roblox players won’t have to pay a dime to Tommy Tallarico. Roblox will automatically replace the “Oof” death sound with a new “game over” audio track for the foreseeable future, leaving many Roblox fans wondering if it will ever become a primary fixture in the game again or if only Roblox Creators will be able to listen to the “Oof” limitlessly.

Are you surprised that Roblox’s “Oof” has stirred up royalty fees and settlements? Let us know in the comments below!