PS5 Owners May Be Banned For Selling PS4 Owners PS Plus Collection Access

We Can Understand the Temptation, But Think Twice Before You Put Stuff on eBay

So the PS Plus Collection is pretty awesome. It’s a deal that PlayStation offers to PS Plus subscribers–a collection of ‘greatest hits’ games you can play for free. The catalog is fantastic, ranging from The Last of Us Remastered to Persona 5 to Bloodborne to God of War to Fall Guys, so we can totally understand why PS4 owners want in on this. And they can get in on it, provided they can convince a PS5 owner to log into the PS4 owner’s account on the PS5, which will automatically unlock the PS Plus Collection for the PS4 owner. People on eBay will literally pay good money for this. But if you have a PS5 and think this looks like a good business opportunity, think again.

According to one popular Chinese forum, Sony has the banhammer out and they’re already beating down rulebreakers. Trying to buy or sell PS Plus Collection access could get you a two-month ban and a PS5 with no network access to speak of. Not a great way to celebrate anything. If you own a PS5, then you’re very lucky. If you are a PS Plus subscriber, too, then you already have access to the PS Plus Collection. Enjoy all those classic games you’re getting! But remember, Sony doesn’t want you to sell them to PS4 owners.

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Is giving PS4 owners access for free okay? Only time will tell. What’s your favorite offering on the PS Plus Collection? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.