Two New Doctor Who Games are On the Way

Get Ready to Join Team Tardis

Doctor Who is just about the only part of my Welsh heritage I expect people to really get. The show’s filmed primarily in Cardiff since being revived in 2005 and, while we still haven’t had a Welsh Doctor or Companion, multiple stories have been set in Wales, and it’s even the setting for Torchwood, the acclaimed spin-off. It’s fair to say that Doctor Who is one of the biggest sci-fi franchise’s out there, to the point that not only was it parodied in Community, the parody was popular enough to spawn a web-series, a movie adaptation of which is currently in development hell.

Still, the series has never translated all that well to video games. ThereĀ haveĀ been games, but for the most part they’ve been small scale efforts, even when including the cast of the show. One of the biggest efforts was the VR Title The Edge of Time, and that title is now getting an updated reimagining, The Edge of Reality, which includes an expanded storyline, new worlds to explore, and the return of fan-favorite David Tennant to the role. The original game had you piloting the TARDIS in an effort to help the Doctor save the day and, while we don’t know how much the game will improve on the Edge of Time, which received a mixed review here at COGconnected, the presence of a new Doctor into the mix is bound to complicate things.

The other new title, The Lonely Assassins, is a found-mobile game that teams players up with fan-favorite and in-universe Doctor superfan Osgood to foil the latest plot by the deadly Weeping Angels – among the most terrifying of the Doctor’s foes, these mysterious aliens are quantum locked, taking the form of statues when observed then moving at lightning speeds to attack as soon as their victim so much as blinks. While the Weeping Angel’s haven’t always been utilized well, occasionally developing new powers or ignoring previous weaknesses (Seriously, I can get behind the Statue of Liberty being one but not it moving with nobody noticing) they’ve consistently been a terrifying presence, responsible for two of The Doctor’s greatest losses and consistently able to keep them on their toes. Whether the Lonely Assassins will do these stone nightmares justice remains to be seen, but it’ll remind us all the we have a little bit of badass in us.

Hot take: I don’t rate 10 that highly as The Doctor, and he doesn’t get great until he teams up with Donna. Why not tell me exactly how wrong I am down in the comments, @us on Twitter, or hit us up on Facebook?