Bungie Revamping Destiny 2 New Player Experience

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Changing New Player Experience

The upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, Beyond Light, will change many aspects of the game. One of the big changes coming to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light is a fully revamped new player experience. Alongside the new update coming on November 10th, Bungie is adding an NPC known as “Shaw Han” that will help new players explore and uncover the mysteries and loot Destiny 2 has to offer. Destiny 2 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC, with the Beyond Light expansion coming to the live service title on November 10th.

Destiny 2 will be getting a free update when Beyond Light releases, overhauling the new player experience whether gamers purchase the new expansion or not. Shaw Han will be wandering around the Cosmodrome wasteland and will apparently accompany gamers “for the first few missions.” These new quests will help gamers learn more about the loot system, different weapon types, the UI, and small things such as quest collection and completion. This will help make the new player experience less overwhelming for people who are new to Destiny 2, which currently does very little to get players started.

“Currently, players are given a single mission to become acquainted with some basic gameplay, and then let loose in the Tower without much direction on where to go or what to do next,” said Bungie in a recent developer update. “This led to some confusion, as many players didn’t exactly know where to start. Who’s that robot that’s meticulously cleaning an Auto Rifle? What do I do with these engrams? And what’s a Zavala? The team has been working to restructure the onramp for Destiny 2, and today we’ll be giving a small glimpse into the New Light experience.”

Are you a Destiny 2 noob who’s excited about a better new player experience or are you a Destiny 2 veteran who’s just ready for new content? Let us know in the comments below!