Rumor: Prince of Persia Remake On Its Way

Something to Look Forwards To

A lot of people were disappointed in the reveal for The Dagger of Time. Prince of Persia is known for intricate swordplay, precise platforming, and acrobatics that would put an Olympics Gymnastics team to shame. Instead, the new game is a virtual escape room which, while not a bad thing, exactly – one of my favorite game series’ of the past generation is the Nonary Games series – isn’t what we’re expecting from Prince of Persia. It’s like going into a McDonalds and seeing KFC on the menu.

Don’t worry though, because according to some listings we might be seeing a remake of a classic game in the series.

According to Bloomberg’s video game’s reporter, Jason Schreier, we’re due to get an official report on the upcoming game next week, during Ubisoft Forward’s event on September 10th.

“…they had been planning a new Ubisoft Forward, where they were going to announce a bunch of games like the Prince of Persia remake that was leaked a couple of weeks ago. That [event] is planned, it was announced today as being for next week, September 10th.”

Of course, eagle-eyed readers will notice that while these rumors point to a remake, it’s harder to pin down which game is being remade. The tweets suggest a remake of the original game, but don’t outright confirm it. Most fans of the series are more familiar with the Sands of Time era, featuring a focus on time-travel and an inexplicable movie adaptation. It’s also worth noting that the series has already been rebooted twice – three times, including the upcoming Dagger of Time – so while a remake of the original is most likely based on these reports, don’t write off a surprise appearance by one of the other games instead.

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