Cyberpunk 2077 Is Preparing for Final Certification

Next Stop: Night City

It’s official: Cyberpunk 2077 is getting ready for final certification, the next step (and, thankfully, among the last) of a game’s publishing journey.

Certification can be a tricky thing, and it can be hard to pin down what rating a game (or movie) will be given, or sometimes why it will be given a rating of, say, an M instead of an Adults Only. To use some movies, one of the weirdest examples of full-frontal male nudity in a movie was… Bart Simpson, in the Simpsons movie, rated PG-13. It may have been rated R in Canada, but in my home country the movie Notes on a Scandal was rated 12-A, despite one use of the dreaded C-bomb. It may be more acceptable in the UK (Or, at least, not quite as strong) but usually one use is enough to boost a film’s certification, but because of the context the ratings board let it slide.

Basically, certification is a tricky thing, and any one of the numerous things we’ve seen in the game (such as nudity, violence, and language) would usually be enough to boost its rating, but it’s also possible that the ratings board will take context into account. While it’s probably not getting a T rating, an M is more than likely, despite some of the content, and it’s what the game has been marketed as, so barring any significant last-minute issues it’s unlikely to change.

CD Projekt Red are confident of hitting the November release date, and the fact that they’re submitting the game for certification means they’re confident of hitting it, so we’re unlikely to get a last-minute delay to January. Considering the game’s already been delayed twice this year, that’ll be welcome news for anyone who’s ready to jump into Night City. They’ve also confirmed that we’re due to be getting even more DLC than The Witcher 3 offered, so CD Projekt Red are clearly invested in Cyberpunk’s lifespan, and not just its initial release.

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