Hasbro is Resurrecting HeroQuest With Crowdfunding

Not A Small Campaign, Either

If you’re of a certain age, and also a certain disposition, and then a very certain demographic, you remember HeroQuest. For everyone else on Earth, it was this weird little board game D&D rip-off that was pretty cool? It came with a bunch of miniatures and everything. Now, Hasbro is resurrecting it with a crowdfunding campaign.


Don’t worry! This isn’t yet another Kickstarter project, this is being done through Hasbro Pulse, their in-house crowdfunding system. Also they want a million dollars. You might recognize this as a ludicrous amount of money for a board game. It is in fact the highest initial funding goal set for a board game in crowdfunding history.

Backers will need between $100 and $150, depending on whether or not you want the premium HeroQuest experience. The core version comes with 76 minis, while the premium edition has even more of them spread between two expansions. This might seem like a lofty goal, but holy cow they’re blowing through it fast. There are 45 days left to make this happen and they’ve collected over $400,000. Turns out a lot of people have fond memories of HeroQuest! If you want an idea of what the original game was like, this YouTuber has a pretty good breakdown.