Star Wars: Squadrons Single Player Mode Shown off at Gamescom

Playing Both Sides

We know that Star Wars: Squadrons is going to center around the space combat. There are many different kinds of ships for players to fly and each of them can be customized in their own way to the players’ specifications. There will no doubt be a ton of online battles between players, but to really immerse yourself in the game, you may want to really put yourself in the pilots’s shoes, not just the cockpit. At Gamescom this week, EA showed off the Star Wars: Squadrons single player mode.

Star Wars: Squadrons

In a brief gameplay preview, the trailer starts off as rebel scum propaganda! We hear a Carrie Fisher soundalike establishing a timeline of the game, setting it after the events of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. As the Empire keeps up its fight against the New Republic, it points to the conflict that Episode VII: The Force Awakens finds itself in, though that may be some years off. We then hear from Susanne Hunka, the narrative producer for the game. She explains that players will be taking on two different roles during the single player portion of the game.

Players will be given a taste of life in the Empire and in the New Republic, playing missions as respective pilots. There will also be opportunities between missions to interact with other pilots in the game, to get more of a sense of what they are all fighting for. Something interesting in the trailer is a message at the bottom of the screen at select moments that says “Footage representative of VR gameplay”. “VR gameplay” you say? Star Wars: Squadrons has not been mentioned to have any VR capabilities, but the prospect of that is definitely intriguing. Star Wars: Squadrons will be coming out on November 2nd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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