EA Breaks Down How to Build a Ship in Star Wars: Squadrons

She May Not Look Like Much, but She’s Got It Where It Counts, Kid

Whether you love or hate the different Star Wars games that EA has made over the past few years, you have to admit that they try to give us different experiences every time. In the next of EA’s space games, Star Wars: Squadrons will be all about the ship-to-ship battles. Though you will be playing as either pilots of the Imperial army or the New Republic, you can still deck out your spacecraft with little things that make it stand out in its own way.

Star Wars: Squadrons

In EA’s new blog post, they break down how exactly you will be able to customize your ships. Most ships have seven components: primary weapons, two auxiliary parts, countermeasures, hull, shields, and engines, though some lack shields. There are many different parts for pilots to swap out in these different components to build the best ship for yourself. Your pilots can also be customized with different jumpsuits, uniforms, clothing items, voices, even physical appearances like heads. The New Republic is more progressive with their hiring and allows different species of pilots.

You can also make the inside of your cockpit feel more at home with little knick-knacks. You can hang little ornaments and objects, like the way you would hang fuzzy dice from the rear-view in your car, as well as line up little bobble-heads on the dash. Your ships can also be painted in customized ways, you know, so you can tell it apart from the others in the fleet when you’re looking for it in the parking lot. If you want to change out ships in the middle of a battle, you can switch loadouts. This will let you swap out your X-Wing for a Y-Wing or another ship, all of which you can customize beforehand. Star Wars: Squadrons will be out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 2nd, apparently only for $40.

What kinds of ways will you be specializing your ship? Let us know in the comments below.