Phantasy Star Online 2 Reaches a Million Players

Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Celebrating 1 Million Players

SEGA is officially celebrating it’s first million Phantasy Star Online 2 players with an event known as the “One Million ARKS Celebration.” Sega’s futuristic MMO is on Xbox One and PC across 34 nations and territories and this celebration will bring together these people as they receive rare loot and increased EXP rates. Fans of Phantasy Star Online 2 who log in for more than five days during the event will be entered into a draw to win even more goodies. The event has officially begun and it will run until August 26th.

Phantasy Star Online 2

“To celebrate the achievement, Sega is hosting the ‘One Million ARKS Celebration’ in the game,” said a recent statement from Sega in regards to the Phantasy Star Online 2 milestone. “Activities begin today and run until Aug. 26th. For a limited time, EXP, Rare Drop, and Rare Enemy Spawn Rates will all be increased +100%! What’s more, all players will have the opportunity to receive up to 2 Million EXP through EXP Tickets. And players who log in for more than five days during the event period will be entered into a drawing to win 10,000 AC, 1,000 SG, or 10 AC Scratch Tickets. There will be 100 randomly selected winners for each prize.”

Alongside the “One Million ARKS Celebration” is a crossover between Phantasy Star Online 2 and the Persona franchise. Not only can fans of the Sega MMO cash in on the freebies on offer from the celebration, but they can also get Persona goodies through the Persona scratch tickets. Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 are all represented in Phantasy Star Online 2 through costumes, hairstyles, paint, accessories, room items, music, and more.

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