The New Xbox Experience Changes up the UI

Microsoft Revamping Xbox One UI to Match the Xbox Series X

Microsoft has officially revealed the new Xbox experience which is coming to Xbox One and Game Pass on PC along with Xbox mobile apps. The UI is a big change up and it’s being designed for the Xbox Series X’s November release. The UI changes include visual improvements, faster load times, and some quality of life adjustments. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings the extensive Game Pass lineup to all of the platforms being revamped by the new Xbox experience this November.

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Microsoft showed off the new Xbox experience with a recent video that included development team members, including Xbox head of research and design Chris Novak. Apparently it will take advantage of Xbox Velocity Architecture and Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X to load more than 30% faster depending on what Xbox fans are trying to load. The Home screen will load 50% faster while returning to the screen from a game is 30% faster and the improvements take up 40% less memory than before somehow.

The visual improvements included with the new Xbox experience include more readable text and on-screen elements like tile shapes. The Xbox One really focused on this tile element but apparently the new Xbox experience launching with the Xbox Series X will optimize the tile design. Microsoft describes the new layout from the upcoming Xbox experience as being “faster and more focused.” Updates and game clips from one console will be added to the Xbox app on mobile, making it easier to share things online.

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