Ubisoft Executive Resigns Due To Harassment Allegations

A Prominent Ubisoft Developer Has Reportedly Left the Company

Ubisoft executive Maxime Beland has resigned from his vice president position on the company’s editorial team following physical abuse and sexual harassment allegations, according to a Friday statement that Ubisoft sent to Gamasutra.

Beland had been accused of choking a female employee at a Far Cry event and also faced multiple sexual harassment allegations. Despite his recent resignation, Ubisoft has said that it will “continue to investigate the allegations made against him.”

According to his LinkedIn, Beland was the creative director on Splinter Cell Blacklist and did work on Far Cry 4 & 5 before leaving Ubisoft to join Epic Games last March. Eight months later, he left Epic and returned to Ubisoft in January as an executive on its editorial team.

Due to several other Ubisoft employees who’ve been accused of sexual misconduct, president Yves Guillemot has recently stated that Ubisoft will be making changes that aim to combat workplace misconduct and diversify the company.