DIRT 5 Has a Dozen Car Classes

DIRT 5’s Car Roster Includes Rally and GT Cars

DIRT 5’s 12 different car classes were revealed recently in an official blog post and it seems like players will have a wide variety of cars to choose from when the game launches on October 9th on PC along with current and next gen consoles.

Here’s a complete list:

  • Cross Raid
  • Rock Bouncer
  • Formula Off Road
  • Classic Rally
  • 80s Rally
  • 90s Rally
  • Modern Rally
  • Rally GT
  • Sprint
  • Pre-Runners
  • Unlimited (Trucks)
  • Super Lites

According to DIRT 5 producer Stuart Boyd, the variety of the car roster plays an important role in the game since each car handles so differently (especially in different weather conditions).

“Combine those car classes with our 10 brand new locations, huge slate of event types, and dynamic extreme weather which completely transforms the handling and gameplay feel,” Boyd said in the blog post. “The amount of different experiences to drive in just goes off the scale – we can’t wait for you take it all for a spin!”